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Workshop 2: How to come up with great ideas

LENGTH:     3-4 hours
CAPACITY:  Up to 14
NOTE:          The workshop is designed for existing teams; or groups of smaller, linked teams

In this training session you will:

  • Be given license to say the wrong thing.
  • Think laterally in ways where you will surprise yourself.
  • Discover that even in a challenging, work based scenario, you have more choices at your disposal than you had previously imagined.
  • Grow in confidence to explore ideas that might go against intuition and instinct.
  • Develop a range of techniques to help you to innovate outside of your comfort zone.
  • Become more agile and less predictable.

“The training challenged me to get through the blocks of self doubt or the ‘that’s a rubbish idea’ voice that stops you coming forward more. It made me try to go to unorthodox routes creatively and get away from predictable ideas/responses”. Rick, 72Point PR

What restrictions and limitations do we inadvertently place on ourselves in an ideas meeting? Why do we do it and how can we address it?

We can easily block and censor ideas which could be our best. This training workshop is designed to help participants notice and then to tackle habits that can lead to rigid and restrictive thinking.

Our training doesn’t use role-play scenarios. Nor is anyone sat at a desk staring at a Powerpoint taking notes. At Business Improvers we use games. It’s a lot of fun, it’s hands on, and all that is required of participants have to do is stick to the rules. No acting or drama training is required.

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