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Workshop 4: Playing games in the lion’s den

LENGTH:     3-4 hours
CAPACITY:  Up to 14
NOTE:          The workshop is designed for existing teams; or groups of smaller, linked teams

In this training workshop participants will learn:

  • How to develop your sense of mischief to change the energy in a room.
  • How to raise your status.
  • How to subtly incorporate simple games and exercises with team, colleague and client interactions in order to ‘magically’ put people at ease.
  • How to approach every interaction as a game where you set the rules.
  • How to charm people.

We often restrict or even avoid certain interactions if they are outside of our comfort zone or if we’re afraid of being challenged - even if that restricts an opportunity that might be beneficial to a company’s growth.

At Business Improvers we believe that every task, group meeting, pitch or one-to-one encounter can be perceived as a game. And you, the participant, can choose how you want to play that game. We create opportunities for participants to test the water outside of their comfort zone, to take a risk and to surprise themselves.

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